If there’s an account I know well, it’s the annual agency holiday card. Each December, creative companies put a new spin on the tradition. A few projects from Christmas past:

WHITE64 Motors

We didn’t reinvent the wheel. We got rid of it. Proudly introducing the world's first fully-autonomous, flying sleigh, defining the category and making believers around the world. The JNGL64 is miles above the competition.

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12 Days of Creativity

A short series of snowflake-sized films that celebrate creativity and the courageous individuals who channel it. DC ADDYs Best of Show.

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Freestyle Gift Rapping

Last-minute holiday shopping can be stressful, so we enlisted Harry Mack to spread some holiday humor and cheer. Watch him go off the top at Tysons shopping mall, where we offered up a freestyle gift rapping service.

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Holiday Jam

In the era of connected homes, this piece of signal-jamming seasonal decor ensures that your loved ones are forever present at the dinner table. No more Instagram interruptions during grace. Available for purchase in both the tree topper and table centerpiece models.

GPG Always On

A wintery wonderland with changing scenery depending on what time of day and the weather conditions where someone sees it.

Paper Thin

We wanted to make something that not only reflected the spirit of the season, but something that all of us could carry forward into the new year and beyond. So we came up with a cute story, worked with a wonderful animation studio, and cut together this heartwarming tale. To spread our holiday message with friends and fam we created a microsite and micro-marketing campaign.

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