Our partner sought a unique way to bring to life the complexities of space exploration and showcase their capabilities for the 35th annual Space Symposium, the aerospace industry's must-attend event. We created a multilayered, 360° video experience — where people could be transported to a faraway landscape.


Working from the concept Command the Cosmos, our journey spanned several milestones from planning to launch support, to telemetry, tracking and control. We wanted to highlight all stages of mission support. This story would loop in 360°.

360° Video

First, we sketched five panoramic landscapes and then layered in 3D objects. We translated concept sketches to C4D before bringing them into AfterEffects for compositing. Once complete, we stitched the content together and tested playback through a VR headset. This allowed us to match our 3D virtual environment to a representative scale of the physical installation in order to preview.


Our workflow included 2D compositing. We rendered multiple passes to fine-tune and stitch together in AE.