Relationships with banks are fickle: we feel we’re not in control of our money. We don't know all the rules until we've broken one and get penalized. This app provides visibility into our spending and more control of how we bank.

Hello credit. Goodbye card.

We partnered with Apple to bring NFC payments to iOS. In a few easy steps, people could provision their cards for both Apple and Android Pay.

Design Process

Apps are a symphony of micro-moments and subtle interaction. Requesting permission to collect and display all of someone's spending data is a tall order. So it became critical that our design reinforce trust at every turn. To do that, we listened to people and learned what kind of experience they wanted. Good UX builds credibility. It boosts adoption rates, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces customer support costs. Each sprint was an assignment in lean UX and mobile prototyping. The team hosted weekly interviews with customers in order to validate new features and test our designs against real user feedback.


  • Auto-consolidate trip expenses
  • Real-time purchase notifications
  • Safeguards to detect fraud
  • Remotely lock/unlock cards
  • Photo capture & store receipts
  • Add gift cards and view balances
  • Search detailed transaction history
  • Redeem card rewards instantly

"Surprisingly well-designed."

— Techcrunch

One of the first apps to use TouchID.
One of the first with NFC payments.
It made this Apple keynote fun to watch.